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Commercial Law Guides

 Founded in 2020

Our law guides cover a wide range of topics that fall within the scope of commercial law. Each guide will give an overview of the specified topic, as well as provide a few case studies. These are useful resources for those seeking to develop a broad understanding of commercial law.


CLG Commercial Law Guides

Our Aim

It is our aim to help prospective solicitors achieve success in their legal journey. From the early stages of the process, such as applying for Open Days, all the way to applying for Training Contracts, Commercial Law Guides hopes to provide the foundational knowledge that will propel you to success.

Each guide is designed to be concise and digestible, so that anyone, regardless of their experience or area of study, can learn about commercial law. Our focus is on observing the practice and implementation of the law, so that abstract legal concepts are put into their real life context. An understanding of legal theory and well as practice is important for any prospective solicitor or barrister.

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Jamie Johnson

3rd year PPE student at the University of Oxford

Our Contributors

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